Definitions for "CMS "
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CMS is a structure matching system that capitalizes on the rich semantics of the OWL constructs found in source ontologies and on its modular architecture that allows the system to consult external linguistic resources.
Color Management System. Software that allows applications and printer drivers to access information about the color characteristics of monitors, printers, and scanners. The Color Management System uses the color information to provide accurate and consistent color to the output device.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (formerly Health Care Financing Administration)
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This large, multi-purpose detector is currently under construction for use at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information see:
Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at the LHC at CERN (
One of two General Purpose Detectors (GPD) on the LHC proton-proton collider - origin of mass, Beyond the SM.
Cryptographic Message Syntax. A superset of PKCS #7 syntax used for digital signatures and encryption. A proposed standard from the IETF PKIX working group.
Cryptographic Message Syntax. The internal format of an S/MIME message. RFC 2630
Changeable Message Sign. Traffic control devices capable of displaying one or more alternative messages, changeable manually, by remote control, or by automatic control. TRIMARC message signs are dynamic message signs. Variable message signs are matrix signs with eight or more characters per line capable of displaying a very large variety of messages. Variable and/or dynamic CMSs are typically used on freeway and expressway mainlines. Both variable and/or dynamic CMSs can be fixed at a location, portable, or truck-mounted. TRIMARC primarily uses fixed message signs that are capable of displaying 2 frames, with 3 lines of up to 26 characters. TRIMARC also has several smaller portable VMS's used for special events or long term incidents.
ompliance onitoring tandard
( onversational onitor ystem) Software that provides interactive communications for IBM's VM operating system. It allows a user or programmer to launch an application from a terminal and interactively work with it.
The driver's mechanical compliance (reciprocal of stiffness), in m/N
The driver's mechanical compliance (reciprocal of stiffness) Effective diameter of driver
The mechanical compliance of a loudspeaker.
abb. the title "Certified Master Safecracker" as awarded by NSO
Certified Mortgage Specialist. The Certified Mortgage Specialist is the professional sales associate who communicates the needs of the agent and borrower to the operation team.
Certified Metrication Specialist, USMA certification of an individual's knowledge of common SI units and their correct use. See also CAMS, LCAMS, LCMS.
a Supererogate Curator of Minefields
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Comando Militar do Sul
Walter Evans, Cherrywood Mold Shop, 2725 Mill Branch Rd., Kenova WV 25530, 304-453-2279 Wooden tools, blocks and molds for glassblowing (molds mostly discontinued 2002)
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Committee on Medical Sciences (RDB committee in existence from 1948 to late 1953 that reviewed, evaluated, and made recommendations on all biomedical research conducted by or for DOD entities; members included both civilian and military health professionals; from late 1953 to 1957, an advisory group to ASD [R&D] and ASD [R&E], functions transferred to the Committee on Science in 1957)
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Cepstral Mean Substraction.
Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes. A rare inherited group of various disorders of neuromuscular transmission clinically similar to autoimmune MG but without immunological origin.
Center for Millennial Studies
Corrective Measure Study
Corrective Measures Study. A study that identifies contamination and suitable technologies to clean-up a RCRA hazardous waste site.
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Cytoplasmic male sterility
Convention on Migratory Species
The previous name of the Cisco Transport Controller (CTC).
Church Mission Society
combat mission simulator
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cubic metre(s) per second
Survey using specialised equipment assess the extent of historic mining activity
Trading name of Royale Research Limited, a licensed postal operator.
Complete Mouth Survey. Multiple x-rays taken of the entire dental structure. For an adult, approximately 16-21 films.
Construction and Material Specifications of the Ohio Department of Transportation
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Contract Manufacturers
Contract Manufacturing Services.