Definitions for "Content Management System"

portalmixPHP is a CMS written in PHP. This project has been founded by a team of independent ICT consultants from Argentina.
Alpha release interacts with mySQL and it is mainly intended to help in managing Intranets
CMS is a Perl-based groupware application that allows a group of people to share documents via a Web interface. Documents can be checked-in, checked-out, reserved, etc.
Content management systems support the creation, management, distribution, publishing, and discovery of corporate information. Also known as ‘web content management' (WCM), these systems typically focus on online content targeted at either a corporate website or intranet.
a central repository of information
a central system that does just what it says
A centralized repository and set of applications for creating, evaluating, testing, approving and distributing content.
a set of programs (basically, webpages containing programming code) written in a language such as PHP
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a collective name for a group of automated facilities