Definitions for "Content Management"
Continuous maintenance of all contents of a website under the aspect of keeping it up to date and achieving a top listing by search engines.
A method used by Web content authors, editors, and site administrators to submit, tag, approve, and publish changing content on a Web server. Site contributors update content into the site's database to assemble various Web pages. Content management is a feature of several development tools.
The process of managing content to keep it current. For example adding new items to the online catalog. Also refers to a supplier's web site's abilty to diplay information that varies by customer, for example customer specific pricing.
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Administering content to ensure that it is well organized, accurate up-to-date, etc., so that it can be quickly and effectively delivered to an intended audience.
Whether you require consistent updating of your site content, or need only make modifications a couple times a year, we can provide you timely service at a reasonable price. You know what you have to offer, let it be our job to help in offering it to an audience of millions.
The flexibility for an advertiser to modify content.
Process by which information is modified on a Web site.
Licensing of programme content to broadcasters, mobile networks, internet service providers and computer software companies.
system in which the contents of a document is separated from the way in which it is displayed meaning that the display of the content can be controlled dynamically