Definitions for "Document Management System"
DMS will organize the documents in an enterprise by providing the features like version management, project/role based security and web-centric user interface. This is the great tool to manage document in a simpler way.
Also, Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), a system for managing electronic and paper-based documents. More advanced systems allow customization of meta data, linking of documents and in the future using semantic web technologies to make information more accessible. Includes searches and versioning of documents. Should be integrateable with all other business systems to support building and integrated e-business environment. E-Business A fusion of business processes, enterprise applications, and organizational structure creating a high-performance business model. Enables efficient and customer focused e-commerce.
Allows users to store, search and manipulate documents electronically, and to maintain a library of text and images in a compact space. Most systems also provide a means for passing documents across a network.