Definitions for "Managed object"
An entity that exists to support the proper functioning of a product. Files, directories, library modules, and accounts are all examples of types of managed objects.
A term applied to a unit of management information (e.g.: the status of Board 1 Port 1 is a managed object).
A data processing or data communications resource that may be managed through the use of an Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) management protocol. The resource itself need not be an OSI resource. A managed object may be a piece of equipment, a software component, an abstract collection of information or a combination of all three.
Keywords:  gateway, queried, lan, station, node
Any entity, device, node, such as a LAN server, gateway, or client application, that can be queried by a management station for its current status.
a characteristic of something that can be managed
a characteristic of a managed device that can be monitored, modified or controlled.
Keywords:  protocol, device, network
In network management, a network device that can be managed by a network management protocol.