Definitions for "CONNection ManaGeR "
Keywords:  ssh, telnet, rdesktop, odma, vnc
CONNection ManaGeR is a Unix command line client wrapper script. It is a handy commandline utility for people who have many remote user accounts that are accessed via ssh, sftp, scp, ftp, telnet, rlogin, rsh, and rcp.
Do you have to connect to a lot of systems, using ssh, telnet, vnc and/or rdesktop? The Connection Manager lets you configure all of these connections, and access them by name, so you aren't forced to remember how to connect to each system.
The component of the MultiProtocol Interchange that detects, establishes, and maintains data connections over a TNS network. The Connection Manager contains a listener and multiple data pumps.
A versatile client dialer for the Internet that you can customize by using the CMAK.
A client dialer used to obtain Internet access.
In an OpenVMS Cluster environment, the component that dynamically defines the OpenVMS Cluster system and coordinates participation of computers in the cluster.
a piece of software that works in conjunction with your wireless card to detect and connect to wireless signals