Definitions for "ICS"
ICS is designed to provide a PHP/MySQL Driven website and forums for gaming clans.
Incident Control System, a expandible system for managing emergencies of all sizes
Internet Connection Sharing. A function in Windows XP operating system that enables a computer to act as a gateway to the Internet for other computers using a single Internet connection/subscription.
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I Chih Shivan (Taiwanese manufacturer)
I Chih Shivan Enterprise Co. An airsoft manufacturer founded in Taiwan in 1983, who has specialised in the production of both AEGs and aftermarket parts.  Their replicas are about the best AEG replicas available today and their line of parts is very popular.
International Correspondence School
International Continence Society
International Chili Society
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Idle Control System
The beginning control segment for the Interchange Envelope.
Idle Control Solenoid (GM)
Implementation Conformance Statement. A questionnaire or checklist for providing information about an implementation to a specification, by presenting in a uniform manner the implemented capabilities (e.g., functions, features) and options as well as limitations of the implementation.
Implementation li a href http www icsnet com Intelligent Computer Solutions
Indian Civil Service
Issuers' Clearinghouse Service. A joint MasterCard and Visa service designed to detect fraudulent and high-risk credit card applications. The service, which is mandated for use in the application screening process, validates and tracks addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers used in credit applications and in reports of fraudulent activity.
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Intellectual Capital Sweden
Intensive Community Supervision
Information Systems and Technology Customer Services group responsible for providing technical training and support services to the McGill user community
Initial Configuration Store. The database that stores the initial OSI network configuration.
Intracellular Signalling Initiative
Acronym for the School of Information and Computer Science at UC Irvine.
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Outlook Calendar File
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Improvement of Crop Statistics
Information Classification Structure
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institutes and centers