Definitions for "MIA"
missing in action; a soldier reported to be missing in action--not among those known to be dead or prisoners of war.
The acronym for a soldier Missing in Action. MIAPD stands for Missing in Action, Presumed Dead.
Missing In Action. Usually presumed dead.
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issing ction
MEDICALLY INDIGENT ADULTS. Formerly a population covered under Medi-Cal, they are adults ages 18-64.
Metamemory in Adulthood. Questionnaire designed to measure various aspects of adults' metamemory, including beliefs about their own memory and selection and use of strategies for remembering. (569)
Media Interface Adapter.
Media Interface Adapters. MIA adapters are used to convert the copper I/O signal to optical. Fibre Channel enclosures support MIA on all port I/O connectors
Moonshine Interface ASIC.
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moglie my wife
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The Team ID for the Miami Dolphins.
MasterCard Identification Area. The MIA is the area on a MasterCard card consisting of the MasterCard Brand Mark and the MasterCard Global Hologram stacked within the MasterCard Retaining Line.
The Industry of Australia
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Marble Institute of America.
(2) Managed Investment Act
Marine Insurers Act
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Abbreviation for the Miami Heat
Miami, FL