Definitions for "IAC"
Short for Interapplication communication.
The command used to invoke SQL*Forms (Convert) in V2.3. In V3.0, the term is obsolete and the module SQL*Forms (Convert) is invoked using the command CONVERT.
programming:(InterApplication Communications) The process of exchanging information and instructions between applications. A whole suite of IAC capabilities is a part of System 7, including Publish and Subscribe (automatic updating of information shared between different kinds of documents) and Apple events, which is the sending of commands from one application to another.
Abbreviation for Indirect Air Carrier.
Idle Air Control. Typically a “stepper motor”.
Indirect Air Carrier. An organization or entity, within the United States, not in possession of an FAA air carrier operating certificate, that initiates to engage indirectly in air transportation of property and uses for any part of such transportation of services to a passenger air carrier.
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Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
Interagency Council
InterAcademy Council
Immunization Action Coalition
Internet Access Coalition
Inter Agency Committee (state committee that approve capital budgets)
International Aerobatics Club
International Action Centre (US human-rights campaigning group, founded in 1992 by Ramsey Clark - former US Attorney General)
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ImageInfo inner join interface ISBN
Context is: patent term. Inventors Assistance Center (formerly Patent Assistance Center). 1-800-786-9199
Information Analysis Center
Industry Advisory Conference. A group of individuals appointed by UL, consisting of representatives from industry who are Subscribers to UL's Follow-Up Service in the product category addressed by the group.
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Intelligent Artificial Crew
Internet Advertising Competition
Investors Association of Canada
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In any case