Definitions for "Civil Code"
private law practised in Québec that is based on both the French Napoleonic Code and Roman law.
a set of rules or laws
Comprising five sections with more than 1,000 articles, the Civil Code is a set of legal regulations dealing with private citizens' livelihoods, including family as well as economic affairs. In its general provisions, the Civil Code defines the legal status of a juridical person. In the property section, "property rights" are defined, including ownership and surface rights, as well as "claims," which deal with debtor obligations such as rental payments. The Civil Code also stipulates what constitutes a valid contract in the purchase and sale of such rights and claims. The Ministry of Justice plans to submit a bill to the Diet in 2001 to revise the Civil Code to include "intermediate corporations," whose status lies between nonprofit and for-profit corporations. There are also growing calls from business circles to adapt the Civil Code to cope with new areas and establish rules to cover online contracts to cope with the rapid increase in e-commerce transactions.