Definitions for "Codification"
The act or process of codifying or reducing laws to a code.
The translation of common law legal principles and precedents into statute law. The duties of superannuation fund trustees spelt out in the SIS Legislation are an example of codification, drawing upon decades of judicial decisions and refinements of common law principles of trust.
The process of collecting and arranging systematically, usually by subject, the statutes of a state.
The process of assembling personal knowledge within an organization so that it can be used and reused independently of the individuals responsible for it.
The process of getting people's knowledge into a form by which it can be communicated independently of those people. The most common method is writing things down and putting them into documents and databases. Other methods include pictures, and sound and video recordings.
Codification is the process of standardizing and developing a norm for a language. Codifying a language can vary from case to case and depends on the stage of standardization that already exists. It typically means to develop a writing system, set up official rules for grammar, orthography, pronunciation, syntax and vocabulary as well as publishing grammar books, dictionaries and similar guidelines.
a representation of the learner's day-to-day situations
codificação Codification