Definitions for "Codes"
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Laws of a state or nation arranged by subject (Law Library).
Scholarly works of Jewish law, generally arranged topically. The most famous Codes are Maimonides' Mishneh Torah, the Arbaah Turim and the Shulhan Arukh
Bound volumes of law organized by subject matter. The code sections to be added, amended, or repealed by a bill are identified in the title of the bill.
The Crash Outcome Data Evaluation Systems data system focuses on retrospective population-based data computerized at the State level and include crash data reported by police, EMS transport data and emergency departments and hospital discharge data. CODES involve the linkage of person-specific crash data to injury data to generate outcome information for crash victims transported by EMS, treated in the emergency department and discharged or admitted to the hospital.
A type of variable replaced automatically with data; used in the Signup form, to prefill an E-mail, or to pass data to the approval and post denial web page
A popular method of associating textual values with numeric codes. Most important for classifying complex data in order to facilitate meaningful analysis. The most common coding framework in historical data (and contemporary data) applies to the classification and categorisation of occupations.
Refers to the often hidden set of rules or symbols, physical or social, which when interpreted give meaning to an event, body behavior or activity.
Codes use groups of letters, numbers or symbols to replace complete words and phrases. Generally a codebook is used to send or receive a coded message.
The symbolism used by the Tribunal Council of the Galactic Command to deliver the keys that contain the secrets to the power held by the Atlantean Masters of over 10,000 years ago.
The word codes is in relation to “building codes” in this instance. They are laws that are passed in order to make buildings safer. Some of the first building codes were passed in New York in regard to the height of Skyscrapers.
Fire and building codes set by local governments. Space planning documents and construction documents must comply with these codes.
Regulations detailing accepted materials and methods of building. Usually codes are adopted by city, county, or state building departments. Most counties promulgate local building codes.
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Designations for PedNSS or PNSS field values that are used in creating a PedNSS or PNSS record.
Can refer to either the numeric codes needed to program a preprogrammed remote control, or the actual infrared signals transmitted by remote controls to devices. See also: preprogrammed, learning, infrared emitter.
The two disciplines of horseracing, either flat (q.v.) or National Hunt (q.v.)
Numbers assigned to differentiate funds, departments and expenses.  Questions pertaining to coding should be directed to the Comptroller's Office.
A numbering system established by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget that identifies companies by industry. It is used to promote the comparability of economic statistics from various sectors of the U.S. economy.
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a thorough, detailed process
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UPC code number from the back of the product which some offers require you to write on the form
Rules established by governing bodies for the proper and safe use and installation of electrical equipment.