Definitions for "Enactment"
The passing of a bill into a law; the giving of legislative sanction and executive approval to a bill whereby it is established as a law.
That which is enacted or passed into a law; a law; a decree; a statute; a prescribed requirement; as, a prohibitory enactment; a social enactment.
Final approval of an Engrossed Bill by both branches. Enacted Bills aresent to the Governor by the Senate. (See also Engrossment)
An unconscious repetition of a neurotic event.
acting the part of a character on stage; dramaticially representing the character by speech and action and gesture
an unconscious but interpersonal communication, in which gestures and body language play a unique role
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Source: DSMC 1. Action by the Congress on the President's budget. Includes hearings, budget resolution, authorizations and appropriations acts. Result is appropriations (funding) for Federal Government. 2. Second of four phases in the DoD resource allocation process (RAP).