Definitions for "Engrossment"
That which has been engrossed, as an instrument, legislative bill, goods, etc.
(Eng.) After passage by both branches the Bill is passedto be engrossed. Engrossment is the procedure whereby the Bill is typed in simulated script on special paper in the Engrossing Division.The engrossed Bill is voted upon for enactment. (Seealso Enactment)
The incorporation of amendments into a bill before it is sent to the second house.
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The final signature copy of a document.
When the draft deeds to a property are approved they are engrossed for the vendor and purchaser to sign.
A document in its final form to be signed by all relevant parties
complete attention; intense mental effort
the mental state of being preoccupied by something
the quality of being intent and concentrated; "the intentness of his gaze"
Keywords:  deed, act
The act of engrossing; as, the engrossment of a deed.