Definitions for "Attestation"
The act of attesting; testimony; witness; a solemn or official declaration, verbal or written, in support of a fact; evidence. The truth appears from the attestation of witnesses, or of the proper officer. The subscription of a name to a writing as a witness, is an attestation.
The act of attesting (to certify by oath or signature) testimony.
To watch a person sign a document or statement and then sign yourself as a witness.
An affidavit or declaration of share ownership by which an optionee exercising an option by a "Stock Swap" (see below) can avoid surrendering a physical stock certificate for the shares used to exercise the option.
Part of the enlistment procedure. Recruits had to answer questions about their personal background, declare any previous military service, and swear an oath of allegiance before an attesting officer or a magistrate.
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In the Trusted Computing Group community, a trusted-platform device is said to attest to its state - that is, it reports its integrity state, for example the values inside the registers inside the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip.
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the evidence by which something is attested
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