Definitions for "Authorized Signature"
Signature of person legally responsible for making agreements on behalf of an organization; must appear on an application before it can be considered an official request; implies that if an award is accepted, the responsibility for its proper administration is assured.
Signature of person(s) with authority: (1) To charge to facility master account. (2) To guarantee payment, and (3) to contract for space, services, and supplies.
The institutional official legally authorized to sign proposals and agreements on behalf of the university. But once the award has been received, the PI then has authority to sign for expenditures in accordance with their Department/College's authorization procedures.
Keywords:  cao, invoice, roles, approving, request
Approval (on an invoice or request for payment) authorizing payment by CAO.The person approving must be authorized to do so in the Roles Database for the cost object(s) to be charged.
The sign or mark of an individual who is authorized to issue instructions regarding the account.