Definitions for "endorsement"
A signature used to legally transfer a negotiable instrument.
Same as Indorsement.
An endorsement is a change to a contract, such as an insurance policy, so that the original terms are changed.
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An endorsement specifies the subject area and grade level for which the individual is prepared to teach.
a level of certification that is in addition to the basic teacher's license
an official indication on a certificate of the subject areas or specialized program areas in which the holder is authorized to practice in Wyoming schools
The promotion of some kind of product recommendation or affirmation, usually from a celebrity, implying to the potential customer that a product is good
a statement indicating approval of the product, service, idea, or other subject of the advertising, made by an individual or by an organization speaking on behalf of the advertiser; the individual, or spokesperson, may be a celebrity, an expert, an authority figure, or a typical consumer. As opposed to a testimonial, whose statement is based on actual experience, an endorsement may or may not be based on actual use of the product. Federal Trade Commission rules require substantiation or proof of the endorser's claims. See spokesperson and testimonial.
the practice of having a celebrity sell the product through commercials and advertisements —L–1/4l‚ðŽg‚Á‚āA¤•i
Endorsement means the formal process of recognition of Training Packages undertaken by the National Training Quality Council. From AQTF Standards for RTOs
The formal process of recognition undertaken by the National Training Quality Council (NTQC), a body established by the ANTA Board. Endorsement indicates that stakeholders, including industry State and Territory agencies, have been fully consulted and have validated the Training Package.
The formal process of recognition within the Australian Recognition Framework of the endorsable components of a training package, carried out by the National Training Framework Committee of the Australian National Training Authority.
This term refers to phrases such as "Address Service Requested" and "Return Service Requested" that a mailer prints on the outside of the mail piece near the return address or delivery address to instruct the Postal Service in handling the piece in the event that it is not deliverable as addressed. There are various services available at different prices, so it is advisable to consult with the Postal Service and your CSR before printing. Back
An authorized marking on a mail piece that shows handling instructions, a service, or a request for an ancillary service.
An authorized marking on a mailpiece that shows handling instructions, a service, or a request for an ancillary service. Also see marking.
(see also Endorsee) Authorizes licensee to transact on behalf of an organization license.
a form of statutory authorisation that allows a fisher to participate in a specific fishery, to use a certain type of fishing gear, harvest a particular species or fish in a specific region
Authority from an airline to transfer a transportation document (air ticket or fligth coupon) to another airline.
Written Approval. Endorsement signifies personal understanding and acceptance of the thing endorsed, and recommend s further endorsement by higher levels of authority if necessary. Endorsement of commitment by a person invested with appropriate authority signifies authorization. See Approve, Authorize. [D00599] PMK87 Agreement to a plan or action prior to final approval. [D04975] SCL
approval or support of a candidate
The act of giving approval of or support to.
A subject or area of specialisation for certain qualifications (e.g. PGCertHealSc endorsed in Resuscitation, MusB endorsed in Contemporary Music).
a promotional statement (as found on the dust jackets of books); "the author got all his friends to write blurbs for his book"
Promotional statement by someone recommending a book, often found on the dust cover or near the front of the book.
Notation on an item of mail; for example, the reason for non-delivery or card sent. (mention sur le courrier)
is the minimum condition for entry to a degree programme at a university. Learners who pass the Senior Certificate Examination with endorsement are qualified to enter university. The conditions for a Senior Certificate with endorsement are established by the South African Universities Vice-Chancellors Association (SAUVCA).
a job recommendation for an elected post
A person, who in the preselection process is chosen (endorsed) by a political party/group to stand as a candidate in an election.
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To express approval or support of; to write (something) on the back of a document or paper.
A written statement on a document, usually on the back of the document, in which the owner assigns his rights to an individual or entity named in the endorsement.
a short written piece that recommends the reader or prospect buy a product based on your own personal experience with it
a program of study that generally leads to additional licensure in an area of public education or original licensure in education for an individual with a Bachelors degree
Acknowledgement that the clinicians practice meets the criteria for the level of practice being applied for in the opinion of the endorser.
a data structure that summarises the reasons to believe or not in the propositions it is related to
a stamp that gives details of your conviction for driving offences
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When a person transfer his right to receive an amount of money, the endorser accepts the liability of making payment on the instrument of the original maker if prior endorsers fail to do so
The legal transfer of one's rights to an instrument, also, the co-signer on a loan.
a true honor and demonstrates my commitment to the strong and efficient enforcement of our laws and to our law enforcement officers
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the act of endorsing; "a star athlete can make a lot of money from endorsements"
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a speech seconding a motion; "do I hear a second?"
a guarantee of quality and hospitality
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Endorsement on a title deed: a note made on the title deed of a property by the Registrar of Deeds.
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a two way street
Public expression of support for a product, event, service, person, or organization, provided by a person or organization, usually for a fee.
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A public statement of support, usually from a well-known person.