Definitions for "details"
Details is an American monthly men's magazine published by Condé Nast Publications. Though the title has existed since the 1980s under various editors and publishers, its current format stems from an October 2000 relaunch of the title, following a transfer of the magazine from the Condé Nast Media Group division to sibling division Fairchild Publications.
(also choice of details) Details are items or parts that make up a larger picture or story. Chaucer's "Prologue" to The Canterbury Tales is celebrated for its use of a few details to bring the characters to life. The miller, for example, is described as being brawny and big-boned, able to win wrestling contests or to break a door with his head, and having a wart on his nose on which grew a "tuft of hairs red as the bristles of a sow's ears."
Small features and fine lines in a coin design. Particularly those seen in hair, leaves, wreaths and feathers.
lets you view your search as it was translated using PubMed's automatic term mapping and search rules and syntax. Also, from Details, you can save a search query or edit the search query and resubmit it. Details may contain error messages and notes. If your last action was displaying related article citations or selected items in another format, Details will indicate this rather than the last query.
Complete information regarding a printer as maintained by the Directory. Exact contents will vary depending upon the printer type. Details are accessible in 3 ways: as a link from PrintWhere, as a link for additional information from search results, or as the destination page when a valid PrinterOnprinter address is typed into a web browser.
Details (2002) is the debut album by the musical group Frou Frou. The track "Let Go" also featured in the soundtrack for the film Garden State and in the (2006) movie The Holiday.
Details is a 2003 Swedish film about a young author and her various relationships over ten years.
An agent frees you from handling the many details of selling a home, from dealing with the buyers to setting appointments for showings, home inspections and the closing.
An agent frees you from handling the many details of selling a home. Qualifies Buyers - Avoid opening your home to "curiosity seekers."
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The lifetime interest rate cap for fixed-period ARMs is typically 5 to 6 percentage points above your initial rate. Your annual cap during the adjustable period is typically 1 to 2 percentage points above or below over the current rate. Can be used to buy one- to four-family residences including second homes and condos, co-ops and planned unit developments. Manufactured homes are also eligible. (Manufactured housing units must be built on a permanent chassis at a factory and then transported to a permanent site and attached to a foundation.)
confidential information.
The information necessary to facilitate a forex transaction, for example, currency pair, the rate, the time and date, and the quantity.
The information used to support main idea or thesis.
The description or explanation of each molecular view provided next to the molecular-view button in the PiPE control panel is typically kept short. Additional information can be provided in smaller text in a popup window for details. Generally, the description within the control panel is intended to be projected when illustrating a lecture, while the details, if any, are not. The details are intended for when the PiPE is viewed by an individual. (See also Modes of PiPEs.)
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attributes, properties The term details is used generically to describe object attributes that may be exposed on an object page, in a table, or in an HGrid. yes; to refer to individual object details, use the field label, or the column header. Object Templates , Object List Templates
Standard GM response to unanswerable questions. Useful for ignoring reality and common sense.
In the context of construction, enlarged sections indicating the precise assembly of building components.
Individual parts of the die. Also known as steels, sections, die sections, and back-ups.
Enlarged part of a drawing, made to increase clarity.
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Overview Glossary
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a sacrifice that will reward in a large-scale way
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I cannot follow the details of X's proof: It's wrong.
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