Definitions for "Clarity"
Clearness; brightness; splendor.
Amount of contaminates left in a filtered liquid; the absence generally indicates the liquids to be free of contamination to an unspecified degree.
The term used to describe the transparency or clearness of a mead. Mead should be clear and sparkling, not cloudy.
see " Secchi disc."
A qualitative measurement of the ability of water to transmit light. Clarity can be assessed using transmissometers and turbidity sensors.
Secchi disc is an 8-inch diameter plate with alternating quadrants painted black and white that is used to measure water clarity (light penetration). The disc is lowered into water until it disappears from view. It is then raised until just visible. An average of the two depths, taken from the shaded side of the boat, is recorded as the Secchi disc reading. For best results, the readings should be taken on sunny, calm days.
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Clarity is the third album by Jimmy Eat World. As with their previous release, Static Prevails, this album was produced by both Mark Trombino and Jimmy Eat World themselves.
"Clarity" is a song by John Mayer, sparsely arranged with piano and drums, provided, in part, by The Roots drummer ?uestlove. It was the second single from Mayer's 2003 album Heavier Things. The song's meaning is not immediately clear; it could, with equal validity, be about coming to terms with a relationship, or with a person's own self-perception.
CLARITY is the first album to be released by sifow. It includes the singles CLOVER and LOVE & PEACE. The DVD will also contain both those PV's as well as JEWEL.
The degree of visual / audio clarity of a product on television or film.
The capability a speaker or sound system possesses that lets listeners easily distinguish different instruments, vocals, and lyrics. Similar to transparency.
Literally refers to the degree of clarity and brilliant appearance in wine. Good clarity is considered a sign of good health, and haziness a red flag (although hazy wines may be perfectly palatable).
(experience) (Tib gsal nyams) one of the three types of experience in meditation.
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Clarity - Game Development Simplified
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The structural quality of a gem.
Those attributes of a system (software and documentation) that enable an understanding of the functionality and operation of its components.
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Describes the depth of color