Definitions for "Brilliance"
Intensity of the light reflecting out of the stone through the crown (aka 'Dispersion', 'Fire').
A stone with maximum dispersion and fire, a lot of life.
Total amount of white light returned to the eye from a diamond or colored stone as the result of internal and external reflections. The major factors that affect the amount of brilliancy in a gem are refractive index, proportions, polish and transparency.
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A brand of inkpad that is a fast-drying pigment ink. It dries completely on materials such as glossy paper, vellum, mica acetate, and is water based, acid free, archival and smudge resistant.
the quality of being magnificent or splendid or grand
There is a brilliant child locked inside every student. Marva Collins
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Number of photons per second per unit source area per unit solid angle within a defined energy bandwidth. Units: photons / sec / mrad / mrad / mm / mm / 0.1% bandwidth
Brilliance is a bitmap graphics editor for the Amiga computer, published by Digital Creations in 1993. Although marketed as a single package, Brilliance in reality consisted of two separate (but near identical-looking) applications. One was a register-based package also named Brilliance.
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unusual mental ability
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Degree of intensity of colors.
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