Definitions for "Luster"
Keywords:  shine, brilliancy, sheen, frosty, nacre
Brilliancy; splendor; brightness; glitter.
Renown; splendor; distinction; glory.
A candlestick, chandelier, girandole, or the like, generally of an ornamental character.
A substance which imparts luster to a surface, as graphite and some of the glazes.
a metallic or iridescent effect from the application of a thin film of metallic oxide over a glazed, fired ceramic surface, and reheating to fuse the oxide to the underlying glaze.
A thin metallic glaze used on pottery to produce an iridescent color. It was used on Persian ceramics, Majolica ware, and also on antique English and American ware.
Keywords:  dilsey, frony, roskus, reivers, compson
Born ca. 1911. Frony's son, and grandson of Roskus and Dilsey Gibson in The Sound and the Fury. He was the last black caretaker of Benjy Compson, when Benjy was in his thirties. In the first section of The Sound and the Fury, he was diligently searching for a quarter in order to attend a traveling "show" that was in town. Characters named Luster also appear in Absalom, Absalom! and The Reivers.
Keywords:  lustrous, wool, cotton, dresses, fabric
A fabric of wool and cotton with a lustrous surface, -- used for women's dresses.
To make lustrous.
Keywords:  lustre, synonym
Synonym for lustre.
Keywords:  obsidian, oval, cut
Oval cut Obsidian
Keywords:  lustrum, five, years, period
A period of five years; a lustrum.
Keywords:  one
One who lusts.