Definitions for "Brightness"
The quality or state of being bright; splendor; luster; brilliancy; clearness.
In paper, brightness is the reflectance or brilliance of the paper. C is short for cyan in the four-color printing process.
The apparent intensity of light. Often a synonym for intensity [KEL93
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Brightness is very important in projectors, the higher the brightness (ANSI lumens) the easier it is to see in bright environments and a quality image given. The level of brightness required is also dependent on the size screen wanted ? for a 60? (diagonal) screen 150 to 300 lumens is sufficient in a dark room, up to 150? screen 700 ? 800 lumens and for a 300? screen anything from 1200 ANSI lumens.
Changing the Brightness makes the whole image lighter or darker.
Lighten sor darkens the output image data.
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This is measured in Candelas and the higher the number the brighter the picture will be.
Measured in candelas per square metre (cd/m²). This is not quoted by all manufacturers, but is a selling point for others. Channel Input Applies to amplifiers, receivers, Hi-fi’s and Surround Sound processors. Allows the connection of a Dolby Digital/DTS source such as a suitably equipped DVD player which handles the processing of the Dolby Digital / DTS signal itself.
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Taster's term for coffee's crisp first flavor impression. Also 'acidity'.
Brightness is a term I came up with a few years ago to use instead of "acidity", which had been around for eons in the coffee industry, but known only to a relatively few people. As the home roasting industry grew, more and more people became confused by the term, so I thought of "brightness" as being more easily understood.
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One of the 3 dimension of colour the others being hue and saturation. In practice it refers to the differences in subject brightness as recorded by the camera.
In RGB terms this is the sum of all colour values.
See colour.
Is an adjustment in the user menu for setting the intensity of black. When brightness is set correctly the lowest level signal above black should be barely visible.
The attribute of visual sensation according to which a given visual stimulus appears to be more or less intense. Differences in brightness range from bright to dim.” [2
The subjective perceived illumination.
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Number of photons per second per unit solid angle within a defined energy bandwidth. Units: photons / sec /mard / mrad / 0.1% bandwidth
intelligence as manifested in being quick and witty
A negative term associated with glare producing luminaries.
Acuteness (of the faculties); sharpness 9wit.
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A term used by a director to tell an actor to exhibit more sparkle and personality.
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see flux
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See density.
Richness of the colors a monitor can display is related to the level of brightness.
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See Acidity.