Definitions for "Actor"
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One who acts, or takes part in any affair; a doer.
Someone or something, outside the system that interacts with the system. [D04799] RUP
an entity that starts scenarios and gets results from them. An actor has an iconic stick-figure form but is actually a class or type with the actor sterotype. [ uml.usecases.gif
A theatrical performer; a stageplayer.
One who assumes a role in any dramatic activity.
unit of the evenemential level of the dialectic component, composed of a semic molecule to which roles are associated.
Actors take characters ‘from page to stage’. They take the dialogue written by the playwright, and from it create a personality that they then enact each performance. There are many different theories of acting, and many opinions on what good acting looks like. Very broadly theories of acting can be divided into those that are naturalistic - being like real life, and those that are in some way non-naturalistic. Some of the most famous thinkers on acting are Konstantin Stanislavski, and Lee Strasberg, creators of Method acting and Bertolt Brecht, whose ‘representational’ form of acting is very like the Portway Players’ performance style.
a human being or a machine which can perform a task
an actant endowed with a character
a liar, playing a part to fool an audience into believing his or her dialogue, emotion, and predicament as authentic
a man (or woman) who earns his living standing between the audience and a set designer's inspired artwork, blocking the view
a sincere liar
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a guy who, if you ain't talking about him, he ain't listening
a guy who, if you Boy George Biography
a guy who steps outside of himself, which I started to do ten years ago
EHe is eminent both as an actor and as a director.
Actor (Honarpisheh), is a 1993 film by Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf.
A confused and confusing word; offering a primitive and usually deceptive organization for the complex behavioral transactions the organism is engaged in. Under present postulation Actor should always be taken as postulationally transactional, and thus as a Trans-actor.
a participant in an ALSP confederation
a failure if he is unable to explore and learn within his own mental world
a grown up kid using his imagination
a wandering minstrel, and must sell his talent to the whole country
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an ass with sass
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a good illusionist, it has been said
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a fella that just has a little more monkey in him
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a risk-taker
Keywords:  sculptor, carves, snow
a sculptor who carves in snow
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a puppet, manipulated by a dozen other people
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a proxy Monk that is controlled by the Abbot
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an instrument in Wong's hand
a global attribute that indicates the intermediate parties that should process a message before it reaches its ultimate receiver
a global attribute that indicates the intermediate parties to whom the message should be sent
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A process in a dataflow process network.
a functor that is capable of accepting arguments up to a predefined maximum
Any person, organization or (sometimes) impersonal force affecting the future of the system being studied. Very similar meaning to stakeholder. However, all actors are stakeholders, but not all stakeholders need be actors.
a person that acts
a person who has two presents which are not in agreement with each other
An advocate or proctor in civil courts or causes.
A movable 3D object in procedural animation and kinetic animation.
an animal, extremely fragile
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an object made of triangle geometry
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an NPC in your scene (
an abstract JADE concept for anything that can happen at a predetermined point in time
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a master, or scholar of many trades
One who institutes a suit; plaintiff or complainant.
Actor is a program you can have a conversation with . It analyzes what the user 'says' to it and generates replies based on learned vocabulary and word relationships.
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an artist with a solid craft
ADMINISTRATION: use with general stories about the executive branch of government at all levels (city, county, state, and federal).
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Actor (Greek ) is a very common name in Greek mythology.
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a function that
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See C5 actor.