Definitions for "Arguments"
Assertions made based on facts, statistics, logical or objective reasoning, hard evidence, etc. example- "I am a member of a party of one, and I live in an age of fear. Nothing lately has unsettled my party and raised my fears so much as your editorial, on Thanksgiving Day, suggesting that employees should be required to state their beliefs in order to hold their jobs. The idea is inconsistent with our Constitutional theory and has been stubbornly opposed by watchful men since the early days of the Republic." E. B. White
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Arguments are terms that appear in a compound term. A1 and a2 are the first and second argument of the term myterm(A1, a2).
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Refers to the variables passed to a process. Arguments are often stored in a global program array.
A comma-delimited list of expressions passed to a method.
Statements which organize the strengths of a particular side in a case or values conflict.
Inputs used to calculate functions.
The values that a function uses to perform operations or calculations. The type of argument a function uses is specific to the function. Common arguments that are used within functions include numeric values, text values, cell references, ranges of cells, names, labels, and nested functions.
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See parameters.
the section called “Checking command line arguments