Definitions for "Checking"
Heat-crazing of a die surface, especially when subjected to repeated heating by molten alloys at high casting temperatures. The resulting fine cracks produce corresponding raised veins on die castings.
A crack or split along the grain in wood plank siding as a result of cupping.
Crackling effect similar to alligatoring where the finish breaks into small squarish patterns. Checking can be caused by improperly dried veneer or finish.
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Contacting the offensive player or the player's stick.
any defensive or guarding tactic used by hockey players accomplished by moving their bodies against an opponent to get the puck away; there are two main types of checks: stick check and body check; these are only allowed against a player in control of the puck or against the last player to control it; checking with too many steps or strides becomes charging.
A defensive or guarding tactic in which the players move their body or hockey stick against an opponent in order to gain control of the puck
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what is for the benefit of the other runners when refinding the trail
answer shouted by FRB to pack when asked "Are You?", indicating that FRB has not determined whether the trail he's following is true or false
A Hasher who has reached a check and is looking for the trail. A response to "Are You?" assuming that is what you are doing.
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The University maintains Demand Deposit Accounts (DDA) at various financial institutions used for deposit and/or disbursement of funds via paper/check instruments, ACH, wire transfer, or other cash-like instruments. For more information, please contact Jeff Donahue.
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The process of verify ing that an activity or object conforms to a given standard. [D02463] RMW
Inspection of the market locations to verify that the contract obligations have been fulfilled.
Physical inspections of the market locations to verify that the delivery meets contract specifications.
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Utterance during the act of looking for flour.
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Stopping the bounce by bending the knees, ankles and hips
Making a movement in one direction, stopping, and then moving off in the opposite direction.
The hammering down onto the edge of a form. This technique strengthens and visually thickens the edge.
all parties must be convinced that the electronic money is real.
The process of recording customer purchases, taking payment, making change, processing coupons, bagging and all other functions inherent to the front end operation.
The process by which web content is evaluated for accessibility problems. This applies to evaluations performed automatically or with assistance from the author. The evaluation may be performed at specific times or be performed on an continuous basis as Web content is modified. For more information on checking, see checkpoint 3.2.