Definitions for "HIT AND RUN"
Keywords:  scoops, win, poker, leave, big
To play for a short time, make money, and leave. Also called chopping a game.
If a players is lucky to win, and run with the money after short time.
a strategy used by strong players where they drop into a game, scoops a few big hands and then drop out; particularly used in busy poker rooms online where a skilled player can use the high percentage of fish to allow them to repeat the process over and over.
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Play-action situation in which the batter must swing at the pitch while the base runner attempts to steal the base.
To be at a demonstration or protest and be chased by police while stopping to take a toke, then running off to avoid arrest.
Hit-and-run is the crime of colliding with a person, their personal property (including their motor vehicle), or a fixture, and failing to stop and identify oneself afterwards. In many jurisdictions there may be an additional obligation to exchange information about one's financial responsibility (including any applicable insurance) or to summon emergency services if they are needed.
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An accident caused by someone who does not stop to assist or provide information.
This refers to an accident that has been caused by someone who does not stop or provide information
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The car license is first part Law of Fives (see Warehouse 23) and second part Number of the Beast. [GG