Definitions for "Chipping"
The loss of small pieces of a brittle document around the edges due to improper storage and handling.
One method of removing surface defects such as small fissures or seams from partially worked metal. If not eliminated, the defects might carry through to the finished materials. If the defects are removed by means of a gas torch the term "deseaming" or "scarfing" is used.
Characterized by the separation of the paint from the underlying substrate in flakes or chips.
The act or process of cutting or breaking off small pieces, as in dressing iron with a chisel, or reducing a timber or block of stone to shape.
The breaking off in small pieces of the edges of potter's ware, porcelain, etc.
The act of altering the rock by breaking it. Almost universally shunned by climbers, but still performed by those whose bodies and egos are too weak to meet the challenge of a climb.
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The condition caused when the saw blade lifts and tears the wood fibers as it exits the material. This causes the edge of the cut to be ragged.
This type of tool damage is often associated with stresses within the tool substrate (especially at sharp edges), as well as general material brittleness. This is a typical tool failure mode. The low coefficient of friction of our coatings will allow sharp edges to cut more freely, thereby reducing stress-related chipping. Also, reducing material hardness (which increases toughness) and allowing the high micro-hardness of the coatings to provide wear resistance can reduce chipping.
Chipping is a village situated in the Ribble Valley on the edge of the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire, United Kingdom. A well kept secret to many, this picturesque Lancashire village has won a number of best kept village competitions over the years.
Rough tuning of the piano strings performed during the manufacturing process.
The artificial manufacturing of holds where none exist, or the wilful enlarging of existing holds. Punishable by being banished to Holland which is completely flat and has no decent rocks, once the people who caught you let you out of hospital.
A process in a woodyard in which the debarked logs are converted into chips for pulping or refining processes. Chipping is typically done by horizontally or gravity-fed disc chippers.
The taking of heroin on an occasional basis” ( Levinthal, 111).
using drugs occasionally
A chip; a piece separated by a cutting or graving instrument; a fragment.
The breakdown at a cutting lip or margin by loss of fragments broken away during the cutting action.
Pieces of masonry separated from the unit at corners and joints, usually indicating mechanical damage.
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the act of chipping something