Definitions for "Delamination"
Keywords:  plies, lamin, adhesive, ply, substrate
Formation and separation of laminæ or layers; one of the methods by which the various blastodermic layers of the ovum are differentiated.
The partial, or complete separation of the layers making up the laminate. May be used to reduce tension, print on the backing, or for other converting requirements.
A built-up roofing membrane failure characterized by separation of the felt plies, sometimes resulting in wrinkling and cracking.
An area over which initial adhesion between I materials has been lost.
The peeling of a finish having improper adhesion.
Metal missing or retained but peeling from the surface due to incomplete bonding or impurities in the planchet
The cracking of a molded compact, often leading to a hairline crack that is hidden until debinding or sintering.
poorly preparing the surface of a gunite pool, prior to applying a finishing coat, can lead to poor adherence or delamination of the coating. More common in refinished pools, this can lead to calcium nodules and other problems.
A laminar discontinuity such as an area of unbonded materials.
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