Definitions for "Legging"
The stringing-out (filamentation) of a pressure sensitive adhesive when a tape or label is drawn away from a surface, its release liner, or its matrix.
When unwinding or removing a tape from a surface, the appearance of "strings" of adhesive that hold to the original surface, stretch, and then release.
Legging can be exhibited when unwinding a roll, or in the end-use application. When peeling back adhesive backed products, one can witness the adhesive bonding to both the end use, and laminated materials. When this occurs, the adhesive strings between both materials upon removal. In an end-use application, legging can be the result of Plasticizer migration. In a roll of tape, legging can be the result of an inadequate release system.
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The method of propelling boats through tunnels by two people pushing the boat with their feet against the tunnel walls. Widely used with horse drawn boats, as most tunnels had no towpath.
A method used to propel horse-drawn boats through tunnels which have no towing path, the boatman pushing with his feet against the tunnel walls.
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A cover for the leg, like a long gaiter.
a garment covering the leg (usually extending from the knee to the ankle)
Term used to describe a risky method of implementing or closing out a spread strategy one side ("leg") at a time. Instead of utilizing a "spread order" to insure that both the written and the purchased options are filled simultaneously, an investor gambles a better deal can be obtained on the price of the spread by implementing it as two separate orders.
a. & vb. n., from Leg, v. t.