Definitions for "Decal"
a decorative image printed on special paper for transfer to another surface.
printed labels produced on special paper. When wet this paper allows the decal to slide off and be placed on the model
A specially designed bearing sheet (decal) used in the decoration of dinnerware. The sheet is first applied to a piece of ware, then the paper is removed resulting in the transfer of the decoration to the ware. Kiln firing then makes it permanent.
Decal - a plugin framework for Asheron's Call
Decal is a plugin architecture for creating and running third-party tools for use with Asheron's Call. It provides a variety of Application Programming Interfaces for programmers to use to create plugins that can interact directly with Asheron's Call, expanding the functionality of the game.
a 2D image or texture map applied to an object in a computer rendering, like a label on a bottle
A texture that is rendered directly, as a visual. Decals are rendered into a viewport-aligned rectangle.
popupid: decal](Mapping) A static image that is placed onto a brush surface using the infodecal entity. Often used for minor 2D surface detail such as bulletholes, blood, scorch marks, etc. See Also: Half-Life Entity Guide: infodecal.
The Delphi Container and Algorithm Library is a powerful library of reusable container classes, generic algorithms, and an easy to use persistence mechanism. It is similar to and based on Stepanov's STL.
An image is produced on a transparent material then applied to product.
Artwork is produced on a label, then applied to product.
Artwork is produced on a transparent decal, then applied to product.
In common usage it refers to spraypaint. It means something else in terms of level construction (but don't worry about that, most people will be talking about spraypaint.)
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