Definitions for "Mip Mapping"
Keywords:  multum, parvam, texture, shrinks, map
Technique of texturing which uses one or more copies of the same texture with different resolution in order to use the appropriate one for the size of the surface to deal with. The number of versions of the same texture shows the LOD, Level of Detail.
Short for Multum in Parvum, which is Latin for 'many in one'. This is the 3D video process where many different scaled images are used for the same texture. Objects which are further away are mapped with a smaller scale texture than the images which are closer. This saves on memory bandwidth and also improves quality.
Multum in Parvam is "many in few." It stores a copy of the bitmap used as a texture in different sizes to minimize the distortion caused by shrinking or enlarging the textures during perspective correction.