Definitions for "mapping"
A pairing of a servlet instance with an URL to which the servlet returns data, for example, HelloServlet with /hello/index.html.
When using TrueSync®, before you can synchronise devices, you must specify to the TrueSync software how data in your desktop application, device, and/or service corresponds to the data in your other devices. Selecting how you want the information in your files, folders, and/or categories on one device to be synchronised with the data in your files, folders, and/or categories on another device is referred to as "mapping".
The correspondence between IDL and the native data types in some language.
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Any type that associates keys with values. The builtin type dict is an example of a mapping. The de facto standard way to implement this interface is to implement the special methods __setitem__ and __getitem__.
Calibrating the motion system so that repeatable errors can be corrected from a lookup table.
A container object (such as dict) that supports arbitrary key lookups using the special method __getitem__().
see genetic map
The process of deducing schematic representations of DNA. Three types of DNA maps can be constructed: physical maps, genetic maps, and cytogenetic maps, with the key distinguishing feature among these three types being the landmarks on which they are based.
In genetics, determining the order of genes on a chromosome and the distances between them.
A function such that for every element of one set there is a unique element of another set.
In network operations the logical association of one set of values such as addresses on one network with quantities or values of another set such as devices on another network. Includes name-address mapping internetwork-route mapping and protocol-to-protocol mapping.
In network operations, the logical association of one set of values, such as addresses on one network, with other quantities or values, such as devices on a second network (for example name-address mapping, internetwork-route mapping).
a convention in which maps or diagrams are made in order to develop or reflect on drama
Diagramming data that is to be exchanged electronically, including how it is to be used and what business management systems need it. Preliminary step for developing an applications link. Performed by the functional manager responsible for a business management system.
An effective strategy used after reading to improve retention of the material read. Maps are visual representations of textual information. Examples are cluster diagrams, hierarchy or "tree" charts, sequence or "flow" diagrams. Maps can be used effectively to show organizational structure and relationships between elements in the reading.
Constructing a plan (or map) of the linear sequence of chromosomes.
Sometimes mapping and sequencing are completely separate processes. (IOCeleraGenome) Mapeamento De qualquer forma mapeamento e não seqüenciamento foi a estratégia francesa. (POPrGenoma)
Establishing a sequence of the activities in this standard according to a selected software life cycle model (SLCM). See also instance; invocation; iteration, software life cycle model (SLCM). [IEEE Stds Glossary
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the process of associating each bit transmitted by a service into the SONET payload structure that carries the service; for example, mapping a DS–1 service into a SONET VT1.5 associates each bit
Identifying synonyms in the various languages, e.g. a North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) term of alteration in comfort will map to pain in the International Classification of Nursing Practice (ICNP). Nursing terms from NANDA, NIC, NOC, CCC, PNDS, And Omaha are mapped to concepts in SNOMED.
A mapping is defined from a domain to a codomain, whenever a rule is established by which an entity e, a member of the domain of the map, is associated with an image e', a member of the codomain of the map.
Mapping refers to a special form of linking, with efforts to identify equivalence or establish one-to-one and, in some instances, one-to-many relationships. Mapping facilitates automatic switching between systems or languages. Recent developments include efforts to match elements in the MARC record with those in other metadata records and efforts to identify equivalent terms among different controlled vocabularies or different languages. Examples of mapping of subject entries include the Omni File (based on the indexes to individual WILSONLINE databases) and MACS (Multi-lingual Access to Subject headings, a European project on multilingual access to subject authority files and data to develop a prototype for the mapping of subject entries based on three controlled vocabularies: Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), RAMEAU, and Schlagwortnormdatei (SWD)).
a computer process whereby the search system matches (maps) a given term to the most appropriate MeSH heading.
This means to match a field from your contact manager to a field in your sync destination. Fields which have been matched in this way can be synchronized between the contact manager and the sync destination.
A single line in a view, consisting of a left side and a right side that specify the correspondences between files in the depot and files in a client, label, or branch. (See also client view, branch view, label view).
This is the step in a widget's life cycle where it actually shows the GdkWindows it created when it was realized. When a widget is mapped, it must turn on its GTK_MAPPED flag. Note that due to the asynchronous nature of the X window system, a widget's window may not appear on the screen immediatly after one calls gdk_window_show(): you must wait for the corresponding map event to be received. You can do this with the GtkWidget::map-event signal.
(1.) In Enhanced X-Windows, a window on which a map call has been performed. Mapping makes a window visible if there are no obscuring or occluding windows. (2.) A list, usually in a profile, that establishes a correspondence between items in two groups. For example, a keyboard mapping can establish what character is displayed when a certain key is pressed. See also keyboard mapping and profile.
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An action that invokes another action rather than containing its own EXEC-STRING. The file /usr/vue/types/user-prefs.vf contains the built-in mapped actions. For example, the built-in CDE Mail action used by the Front Panel is mapped to the Elm action.
A process of analyzing learning by matching it to identified learning outcomes or standards in approved programmes or awards; e.g. 'mapping' informal learning to National Occupational Standards, NVQ units, or other outcome-based awards
In the VCAL, mapping refers to aligning the content of locally developed programs and activities to the learning outcomes of a VCAL unit.
The process of comparing units of competency from a training package qualification with modules from curriculum to identify the degree of alignment.
The application of demographic and behavioral characteristics to specific demographic locations in order to efficiently define a specific market.
the process by which a computer generates thematic maps that combine geography with demographic information and a company's sales data or other proprietary information.
The method of identifying specific audience segments on a map, as they relate to out of home locations, both geographically and demographically.
The process of relating a source element to a target and describing the transformation that satisfies the relationship.
(1) A 3 by 3 matrix"a property of a format object that specifies scaling and orientation. (2) A 3 by 3 matrix"a property of a transform object, view port object, and view device object"that specifies the translation, rotation, or distortion to be applied to a shape when it is drawn. (3) A transformation of spatial locations (points) that can be represented by a 3 by 3 perspective matrix. Synonymous with map and mapping matrix.
Transformation of data from one representation to another.
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Usually refers to note assignments. For example, a bass sound may be "mapped" to the lowest two octaves of a keyboard and a piano assigned "mapped" to all other notes. Can also refer to sound and/or MIDI channel or program change assignments (for example, MIDI program change 42 may be mapped to select the sound in voice slot 01).
the method of assigning pixel values to represent fractal equations. There are a variety of mapping methods, most of which use a "standard" complex plane geometry.
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is a PubMed function that will automatically add MeSH term(s) that are equivalent to one of the entered terms. For example, if you search for "tooth decay," PubMed maps this to the more clinical term "dental caries."
A mapping is a path to a shared storage location on a network. The name of a mapping usually describes what is stored in the location without giving any reference to the actual path. GhostFill supports dynamic mapping at the application level, including the use of profile variables to make the mapping adjust to individual practitioner preferences. HotDocs uses "reference paths" to allow for flexibility in location of shared network templates.
Conversion or connection between two data addressing spaces.
The conversion between multiple data addressing schemes, especially conversions between member disk block addresses and block addresses of the virtual disks presented to the operating environment.
a synonym for character conversion.
An underwater site can be mapped in various ways. To position a limited number of spots, fixed datum points may be used for reference. To create a very detailed map a large grid (e.g. aluminium frames) may be placed over the area. These methods are sometimes combined with a photo mosaic.
drawing a map showing the physical features of a community; usually an early step in a field project.
a significant effort of classifying and delineating land into units of relatively uniform ecological and physical characteristics
Physical plotting of various characteristics of an area in two dimensions. May be done individually or by a group.
or ringing - The shriveling of an edge of a repaired area so that an outline of the repair shows through the top coat of paint. In most cases this is caused by the solvents attacking and reacting with the feathered edge of the repair.
Mail mapping or mail forwarding is the process of linking your e-mail address or addresses and website to your domain name.
An allocation of processes to processors; allocating work to processes is usually called scheduling.
The process of relating classes and properties in different ontologies.
broadly defined as a mental interpretation of the world which does not necessarily result in the production of a graphical map artefact, see Map-Making .
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a hash map of keys to values
a YAML collection defined by key/value pairs
Connecting a PC to a shared drive or printer on another PC on the home network. After the drive or printer has been mapped, you can access it as if it were directly attached to your PC.
A process that allows one computer to communicate with a resource located on another computer on the network. For example, if you want to access a folder that resides on another computer, you map to that folder, as long as the computer that holds the folder has been configured to share it.
Assigning a PC to a shared drive or printer port on a network. close
Engine management programme which defines optimum air/fuel mixture and ignition timing depending on engine speed
Refers to the presentation of financial positions. It is used in risk and portfolio management. It can be graphical or tabular.
The process of translating the cash flow of actual positions into standardized position (vertices). Cash flows can be mapped by duration, principal, and cash flow.
is a strategy of developing a visual graphic for the purpose of seeing the relationship in a given topic.
The relationship between a Material and a Texture is called the 'mapping'. This relationship is two-sided. First, the information that is passed on to the Texture must be specified. Then the effect of the Texture on the Material is specified.
A mapping is the relationship between source and target entities. It is an inclusive term than be applied at different levels, from a single field to a complete system.
a small consulting company that uses industry standards to develop a Geographic Information System (GIS) for a company
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a more general notion than a rule
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an attempt to patent not the name but the produce itself
A functional representation of the different blocks in the memory of a chip.
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To project an image onto a surface of an object.
Placing an image on or around an object so that the image is like the object's skin.
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A function, or relation between values.