Definitions for "LOD"
see level of detail
(Level of Detail) A feature that allows the resolution of the geometry to decrease over distance in order to increase the frame rate of a scene (specifically in animated characters). For more on how to use LOD on character models, see the Anim Browser Reference document.
Level of Detail. An LOD node is used to specify the desired level of detail for a selected object. Less detail enhances performance
Limit of Detection. The lowest concentration of a substance that can be determined to be significantly different from zero.
limit of detection. Lowest concentration of a pesticide residue in a defined matrix where positive identification can be achieved using a specified method.
Limit of Detection. The minimum concentration of an analyte that, in a given matrix and with a specific method, has a 99% probability of being identified, qualitatively or quantitatively measured, and reported to be greater than zero.
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The Legions of Doom Quest
The first Lodrog the Forsaken quest, required to be completed to do the Icefire quest. Must have been completed recently if you wish to start the Icefire quest for your fellowship.
Large Organic Debris. entire trees or large pieces of trees that provide channel stability or create fish habitat diversity in a stream channel.
"Large Organic Debris". An entire tree or large pieces of stable organic material having a minimum diameter of 10 cm. and a length greater than 1 m. in the stream channel which provides channel stablility or creates fish habitat.
Large organic debris. Live or dead trees and parts or pieces of trees that are large enough, or long enough, or sufficiently buried in the stream bank or bed, to be stable. LOD creates diverse fish habitat and stable stream channels by reducing water velocity, trapping stream gravel, and allowing scour pools and side channels to form (Idaho Department of Lands 1990).
Calculated on the basis of linkage data, a statistically computed estimate of the likelihood of a QTL being present at a particular location on the genome.
A statistical result that measures the association between a genetic marker and a potential disease gene.
Abbreviation for “logarithm of odds favoring linkage”. A pedigree is analyzed to determine the likelihood of probability (Pr) that two genes show a specified recombination value (r ). Next, the likelihood (Pi) is calculated under the assumption that the genes assort independently. The LOD score z=log10 (Pr/Pi). A Z score of +3 is considered evidence of linkage. LIPED is a computer program for calculating this.
Lord of Destruction
Letter of Destruction. A form that indicates that a license has been returned and needs to be re-credited.
Lord/Lady of Diplomacy, a title usually used for the council member of a game chapter that deals with alliances, marketing, event management (sometimes) and recruiting assistance.
LINE OF DIRECTION. Direction of movement of dancers around the circle or room counterclockwise.
line of duty
Line of dance
Letter of Direction
Letter of Delegation. A document assigning contract administration functions from one CAO to another, usually in a prime-subcontractor relationship.
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To penetrate through to the other side
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Low of day.
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Losses Occurring During