Definitions for "debris "
Broken and detached fragments, taken collectively; especially, fragments detached from a rock or mountain, and piled up at the base.
Rubbish, especially such as results from the destruction of anything; remains; ruins.
parts or fragments of something that has been broken down.
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The Purdue yearbook.
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A small amount of solid material which blocks an orifice or entire channel. It can be generated either externally, (paper or dust) or in rarer cases, internally from improperly cleaned units.
Roska Skr├Ąp Paper dust which deposits on offset blanket, plate or printing unit.
Grease, organic or silty materials deposited in a sewer, which cause flow turbulence and a reduction in hydraulic efficiency. Examples of this are road grit, fatty deposits and soil washed in by infiltarting groundwater.
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disappear fabled
Any combination of soil, rock, mud, trees, or vegetation usually transported by "debris flow".
Objects such as vegetation, building wreckage, vehicles, shopping carts or dead animals carried by water in a flood (or by wind, as in a hurricane or tornado).
Any solid material exceeding a 60 mm particle size that is intended for disposal and that is a manufactured object, or plant or animal matter, or natural geologic material.
soft foreign matter attached loosely to the tooth
Loose material or substances that impair the correct operation of items such as waste sockets or creamer plates.
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woody material such as logs, branches, fallen trees, lying in the channel and usually covered by water, also called snags.
Solid objects or masses carried by or floating on the surface of moving water.
Generally solid wastes from natural and artificial sources deposited indiscriminately on land and water.
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debris is a free text mode HTML browser package. It provides support for tables and forms. It is a secure environment suited for public terminals, and is small and fast.
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Their Place in Space