Definitions for "Fallen"
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Fallen is the first full-length album by Alternative rock band Evanescence on the Wind-up Records label, and their first album to achieve widespread release around the world. In contrast, their previous demo CD, Origin, was only released in limited numbers in their hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. Released in 2003, Fallen spent sixty weeks in the United Kingdom album charts, reaching number one.
The Fallen is a fictional character in the Transformers universes.
Fallen is the first album by the Finnish gothic doom band For My Pain....
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Fallen is 1998 horror/thriller film, directed by Gregory Hoblit.
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Those Ancients who left the True Path to pursue their own darker agenda. Rather than the Dark One, who was corrupted by the Demons of the Void and reduced to a mere puppet of Chaos, the Fallen only sought to strengthen their own power and destroy or enslave all those who opposed them. Even though they were initially allied with the Dark One and made some of his dirty work for him, they never truly served him. Some time before the end of the Dark War they left for an unknown destination, and until this day, no mortal eyes have seen them again.
Dropped; prostrate; degraded; ruined; decreased; dead.
having dropped by the force of gravity; "fallen leaves covered the forest floor"; "sat on a fallen tree trunk"
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killed in battle; "to honor fallen soldiers"
Changes in given sequences. The performance of swift and sudden transitions in a fight.
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having fallen in or collapsed; "a fallen building"
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having lost your chastity; "a fallen woman"