Definitions for "Honor"
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A nice sense of what is right, just, and true, with course of life correspondent thereto; strict conformity to the duty imposed by conscience, position, or privilege; integrity; uprightness; trustworthness.
A holding or group of holdings forming a large estate, such as the land held by an Earl. (MEDIEV-L. Medieval Terms) Great estate of a tenant-in-chief. (Gies, Joseph and Francis. Life in a Medieval Castle, 230) Scattered manors held by or under one lord. (Sayles, George O. The King's Parliament of England, 144) A technical term for the group of estates from which the greater tenants-in-chief of the Crown derived their prestige and status of honour. A superior lordship upon which inferior lordships were dependent. (Warren, W.L. Henry II, 635) Note: from Latin honor
The right to hit first from the tee.
Esteem due or paid to worth; high estimation; respect; consideration; reverence; veneration; manifestation of respect or reverence.
That which rightfully attracts esteem, respect, or consideration; self-respect; dignity; courage; fidelity; especially, excellence of character; high moral worth; virtue; nobleness.
Purity; chastity; -- a term applied mostly to women, but becoming uncommon in usage.
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A seigniory or lordship held of the king, on which other lordships and manors depended.
The ace, king, queen, and jack of trumps. The ten and nine are sometimes called Dutch honors.
face card (Ace, King, Queen or Jack); usually also includes the ten.
A title applied to the holders of certain honorable civil offices, or to persons of rank; as, His Honor the Mayor. See Note under Honorable.
Academic or university prizes or distinctions; as, honors in classics.
To dignify; to raise to distinction or notice; to bestow honor upon; to elevate in rank or station; to ennoble; to exalt; to glorify; hence, to do something to honor; to treat in a complimentary manner or with civility.
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To accept and pay when due; as, to honora bill of exchange.
To accept a bill of exchange; or to pay a note, check or draft at maturity.
To pay or to accept a pay, where a creditor so engages to purchase or discount a draft complying with terms of the instrument.
Wait quietly while another dog works.
When a dog must observe another dog making a retrieve. An honoring dog should watch the entire sequence of birds decoying, flying, being shot and falling without interfering through sound or motion with the "working dog".
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Partners, or those designated by Caller, face- Ladies Curtsy, Gents Bow.
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A hound "honors" when he gives tongue on a line that another hound has been hunting.
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a reflection of our efforts to provide students and educators alike the best tools for learning through technology
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A regional debit network.
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the quality of being honorable and having a good name; "a man of honor"
the state of being honored