Definitions for "Peerage"
The body of peers; the nobility, collectively.
The group of nobles, barons and above, considered to be peers. In an SCA context, the peers are comprised of the three equal branches, the Laurel, Pelican and Knight. The three orders are in taken to be equal, though not the same--companions of the order of the Laurel are known for their excellence in the arts, the Pelican for their service to the kingdom, and the knights for their prowess on the field. All SCA peers are expected to possess the qualities that the peers share; especially courtesy and the willingness to teach what they have learned to others.
A third function of the Crown Tourney and Imperial Census is to induct members of the Imperial Orders of Peerage, and the Royal Guilds. This includes the Order of the Dove and the Knights Imperica.
Hereditary titles (such as Count, Duke, and Earl), often linked to lands, powers, or responsibilties. For instance, English and Scottish peers had the right of summons to parliament.
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The rank or dignity of a peer.
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member of the House of Lords