Definitions for "PAR"
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The number of strokes required for a hole or a round played without mistake, two strokes being allowed on each hole for putting. Par represents perfect play, whereas bogey makes allowance on some holes for human frailty. Thus if par for a course is 75, bogey is usually put down, arbitrarily, as 81 or 82. If par for one hole is 5, a bogey is 6, and a score of 7 strokes would be a double bogey.
The standard number of strokes set on each hole on a golf course.
The standard score in strokes assigned to each hole on the golf course. The par for each hole is given on the scorecard. You'll have a great round if you score " the par" on any course.
The nominal dollar amount assigned to a security by the issuer. For an equity...
Equal value; equality of nominal and actual value; the value expressed on the face or in the words of a certificate of value, as a bond or other commercial paper.
Equality of condition or circumstances.
Short for Parabolic Aluminised Reflector lamp. A lamp containing a filament, reflector and lens in one sealed unit. Used in Parcans to produce a high intensity narrow beam of light. Par lamps are available in many different sizes and powers. Par sizes available include 16, 36, 38, 56 and 64. (The number refers to the diameter of the lens, in eighths of an inch). The most common for theatre use are Par 64s rated at 1000W (1kW), although other wattages are available.
Parabolic Aluminized Reflector. A bulb that emits light in only one direction. These lamps control light more precisely. They produce about four times the light of standard incandescence and are used in recessed and track lighting. 30 indicates bulb diameter in eighths of an inch. A PAR30 is 3 3/4 inches (30 eights) across the widest point.
type of lamp similar in construction to a car headlamp. Provides a more intense beam per watt than other incandescent lamp technologies. PAR stands for Parabolic Aluminised Reflector.
Photosynthetic aquatic biomass
abbreviation for hotosynthetically ctive adiation, refers to the wavelengths of sunlight that plants can use to power photosynthesis.
Photosynthetic Active Radiation. the measured flux between 400 and 700 nm that is utilized by plants during the carbohydrate-producing reactions associated with photosynthesis.
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Pension Adjustment Reversal. A calculation done to reflect restored RRSP contribution room for the years for which pension contributions have been refunded.
Pension Adjustment Reversal. Generated when a Plan Member has terminated employment and is entitled to a refund of contributions or chooses a Commuted Value transfer (for post 1989 service) or a transfer to another registered pension plan and this amount is less than the sum of the PAs and PSPAs which have been reported. It is designed to restore lost RRSP room. The PAR applies only to such terminations from 1997 onward. It does not apply if the Member transfers directly to another College.
Payroll Audit Report. A list, by employee, which details their payroll computation (e.g., time, type of pay, gross pay by funds, amount of each reduction/deduction/contribution, adjustment activity, disbursement activity, balances, etc.).
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rogram dministrative eview
PAR is a program that takes an NCD file, places and routes the design, and outputs an NCD file. The NCD file produced by PAR can be used as a guide file for reiterative placement and routing. The NCD file can also be used by the bitstream generator, BitGen.
PNNI augmented routing
Perimeter Acquisition Radar. A large, northward facing single-faced phased array, this radar was the long range "eye" of the Safeguard system. Its purpose was to detect incoming ICBM re-entry vehicles as they passed over the north pole. More information.
Precision Approach Radar
Position action request; a personnel form used for both hiring and reclassification purposes.
Personnel Activity Report. A report that reflects an after-the-fact reporting of the percentage of activity ( effort) of each employee. Each report must account for 100% of the activity for which the employee is compensated and which is required in fulfillment of the employee's obligations to the institution. The report must reasonably reflect the percentage of effort applicable to each sponsored agreement, and to other activities defined on the PAR. Each report must be signed by the employee or by a responsible official having first hand knowledge of the work performed.
Personnel Action Request
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Puck A Rat.
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Abbreviation for eak-to- verage atio.
Abbreviation for participating. See Participating.
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PAR stands for PHP archiving. You can use PAR for PHP projects like JAR for Java projects. Using PAR you are able to pack complete PHP projects in ONE executable file.
A Perl Archive Toolkit. This allows distribution and use of Perl modules from a portable archive.
See Portal Archive.
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Fractint Parameter File
Performance Accountability Review
a Petition for Administrative Review of an order issued by the DHCR. It is an appeal of a DHCR order brought at the DHCR, where the petition alleges the errors and lists the issues upon which the order should be reviewed. For PAR filing deadlines, to find out when a stay is applicable after filing a PAR, and for other information visit the DHCR website by clicking on DHCR.
Population at risk. Those individuals capable of developing a specified health state; they become the denominator for calculating the rate of the health state.
population at risk. the population potentially affected by concentrations of agent. The PAR is calculated by determining the population within the radial distance estimated to be affected by lethal dosages of agent from a release.
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By; with; -- used frequently in Early English in phrases taken from the French, being sometimes written as a part of the word which it governs; as, par amour, or paramour; par cas, or parcase; par fay, or parfay.
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Referring to a foreign exchange transaction in which the forward price is the same as the spot price.
Forward margin is zero, interest rates in the two currencies are the same, therefore there will be no forward margin adjustment to the spot rate.
When the forward rate is equal to the spot rate.
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Per diem appointment
Personal Assessment Report: A document developed as part of the Learning Plan describing a student's competence upon entry into the Fielding program, according to his/her own assessment.
Project Assessment Report. The report when the project is completed in which all stakeholders review their thoughts about the project: what they liked, what they didn't like, so that future projects will go better.
Performance and Accountability Report
DHSS Position Action Request
Project Authorization Request
Payment Request form
Beside: Near: Alongside: Beyond: Resembling: Similar to.
paragraph (instruction to start the next sentence on a new paragraph) (Blasted).
Starts a new paragraph
The computer command par is part of the Unix operating system and is used in text formatting. The command effectively replaces white characters with space characters while revising word connections and line transitions for a more easily read text block.
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An amount which is taken as an average or mean.
Projected Average Return
At the same level, or an average amount.
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Participating Supplier.
A notion relating to fixed income instruments.
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Policy Analysis & Research
Participatory Action Research
proteins required for polarity and partitioning molecules to different regions of a cell, several of which are themselves partitioned, e.g.: PAR-2.
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To a professional bowler, a 200 game. See also over; under.
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Phase angle regulator
The monetary amount printed on the stock certificate.
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payable date paying agent
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Parallel interface
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Picture Appraisal Rating
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the result on a deal on which both sides do as well as possible.
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Participating Provider
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See Parr.