Definitions for "rating"
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Standardised evaluation by specialist agencies of the credit standing of the issuer and his instrument of indebtedness.
Credit and Investments: evaluation of securities investment and credit risk by rating services such as Fitch Ratings, Moody's Investors Service, and Standard & Poor's Corporation.
Mobil, AAA, and others evaluate and rate individual hotel properties. They rank the properties on a scale expressed in terms of "stars" or "diamonds." A "5-star" hotel is the most luxurious and well-kept.
A point system wherein points are added and subtracted depending on a player's previous rating, the number of games won and lost, and the ratings of the opponents against whom he or she played. This system is used by the NSA to determine overall skill level and to place contestants into appropriate divisions during tournaments.
The practice of observing a player's gaming habits—the amount he buys in, wagers, and walks with at the end of the game. Players who wish to earn comps ask to be rated.
A number that comes from a formula devised by Dr. Arpad Elo which indicates a player's strength, based on his win-loss record against other rated players.
One percentage point of a specified audience. Commonly used only in connection with broadcast media. See ' T.V.R.'.
A measure of audience for a television or radio program, used to establish advertising rates.
An estimate of the size of an audience shown as a percent of a total group of people surveyed. This may be expressed in terms of households or individuals. For example, a "Men 18-24 rating of 2.1" for a radio station means that 2.1% of all Men 18-24 in a market listen to that particular radio station during an Average Quarter Hour. For TV, an 8 rating means that 8% of all homes which sets in the coverage area were tuned in to the particular program.
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The number of strokes a crew rows per minute.
The number of strokes per minute; the rate of striking or cadence.
a success, but UF was expecting much bigger numbers and TNA was hoping to maintain those much bigger numbers
a name given to an occupation the the Coast Guard which requires basically related aptitudes, training, experience, knowledge and skills
an occupation, e
name given to an enlisted occupational specialty that requires basically related aptitudes, training, experience, knowledge, and skills.
An operating privilege that is added to a pilot certificate. An example would be a Private Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating.
an authorization associated with, and forming part of, a licence setting out special conditions, privileges or limitations attaching to the licence (e
official certificate attesting to a pilot's skill level. Issued by hang gliding organizations such as the United States Hang Gliding Association.
Contrary to some people's beliefs, the rating applies not to the quality of a fanfic but to its maturity level. One should read up on each site's rating systems so as not to stumble into any unwanted sexually explicit or violent material. Also look for filters that sort by rating.
an independent validation of Gateway Health Plan's commitment to quality," said Michael Blackwood, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gateway Health Plan, Inc
As in "nameplate" rating, is the gross rating on the manufacturer's nameplate as designated by the manufacturer of the generator. The nameplate rating does not take into account the actual consumption of the electric power of a generator or a generating facility.
The conditions specified by a manufacturer that define the safe operating limits of electrical equipment. Ratings usually include voltage, power, and temperature and are listed on the equipment nameplate.
During the underwriting process for insurance, the act of approving an application on a basis other than the basis for which the policy was applied for, including actions such as approving the application at a higher premium rate than applied for or with less coverage than applied for. The resulting policy is said to be a rated policy.
The risk classification assigned to a bank, a country, or assets by a specialized firm.
Classification of an investment fund using a series of parameters such as return, risk, etc.
Means of classifying the size of a show, sometimes done beforehand according to prizes offered, and sometimes after according to number of entries.
Pony Clubbers of one level are tested according to USPC Standards and procedures so that they may advance to the next rating level. All rating tests include riding and oral phases.
The percentage of individuals or homes exposed to a particular media vehicle.
an unjust and overly simplified article addendum, when all media is of high standard it merely detracts from the piece
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information that a member provides about how much he likes a particular song, artist, or album. Yahoo! Music bases its recommendations on a member's previous ratings.
the ability to rate a photo based on any criteria you like, such as quality or enjoyment. Use the rating to create a smart album and to let your friends know what you think of a particular photo.
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A rating is a score provided by members in a transaction. A positive experience is rated at +1 point. A neutral experience is rated at 0 points. A negative experience is rated at -1 points. Also see feedback.
Insurance companies reserve the right to impose a surtax on the policy of the insured if that person's health is not up to the national average statistics.
a useful tool for comparing vehicles when car buying, but it may not accurately predict the average MPG you will get
The assessment of business premises for the purposes of local taxation.
an assessment of the council as a whole and not just one person or certain individuals
The calculation of the premium applicable to an insurance / An assessment of standing (U.S.).
number denoting the technical difficulty of a climb
a measurement of the course's difficulty
A number denoting the technical difficulty of the climb.
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See TVR.
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The means whereby the horse and rider progress for ward at an even pace, not rushing one moment only to slow down the next. To rate a horse properly he must be sufficiently schooled to accept discipline, be prepared to move out or come down in speed as required. The rider must recognize at approximately what speed the horse is traveling.
A measure of the performance of a horse on a scale of 0-140. 140 is the higher rating..
an established but not a maximum figure
an established butnot a maximum figure
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The rating of an arrester - either duty cycle or MCOV rating.
The continuous rating of a Circuit is the maximum power flow that can be passed through the Circuit, following a fault nearby on the GB Transmission System, without damaging equipment, or infringing statutory clearances on overhead lines. This will normally be for a period within 24 hours. This rating varies for each season of the year, because of the effect of differing climatic conditions on equipment performance.
The stated operating limit of a piece of equipment, expressed in a unit of measure such as volts or watts.
a comparison in terms of established benchmarks and with other rated institutions
See Computer rating, Benchmark rating, Self-rating and Dynamic rating.
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an OPINION, and I care little about the opinions of idiots
an opinion given on the basis of information available at a particular point of time
an afterthought rather than a threshold matter where Brown is concerned
an important ingredient for a sound
an important milestone for AMP," Mr
a good thing for extended life and expandability, being over it is disastrous
a relative value, not an absolute value
A value quantifying the capabilities or endurance of an item or substance.
The percent of different people/homes reached by a single issue of a magazine. Synonymous with Reach.
an appraisal of the value of something; "he set a high valuation on friendship"
standing or position on a scale
The application of a scale or words, colors, or numbers, used in conjunction with narrative, to describe the degree to which the proposal has met the standard for a non-cost (technical) factor.
This refers to the characteristics such as volt ampere capacity, voltages, frequency and temperature rise for which the transformer is designed.
See Capacity, Rated Capacity.
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A rating decided by the Casino Wins team taking in to account Payouts, Odds, Support and software
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act of ascertaining or fixing the value or worth of
A class to which an article is assigned.
a numerical value that you assign to an experience you have had in a location or with a place
the process of assigning specific costs for specific coverages for an underwriting group.
a forward-looking estimate of default probability
an estimate of playing strength
a percentage that estimates how much your injury affects your ability to work
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The largest projected amount a prospect is capable of giving at a single time (single gift or multi-year pledge), should the prospect be sufficiently interested in the UI. Ratings start at A9, or $1,000-4,999, to a high of A1, or $1 million+.
Determination of the correct legal rate for a shipment
The system used to determine the customer charge for each call. Call charges are normally based on the time of day, the duration of the call, and any conditions specified in the contract between the subscriber and the carrier.
a useful tool for corporate executives because it shows how their company compares to similar borrowers or peers worldwide
The process by which the price of your insurance coverage is determined. States are divided into rating territories. Your insurance company bases part of the price of your policy on the claims history of all the drivers it insures in your territory. Other factors such as your driving record and age also affect the rating.
a trusted system that recognises centres of excellence
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a number system that tells you exactly how good you are compared to other users on the system
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a bit confusing for some people
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a comment that users leave on the site about other users
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(out of four stars)
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See content label.
A general term employed to designate the characteristic values that together define the working conditions upon which the tests are based and for which the equipment is designed.
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see rating curve
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a mode of communication
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a strong reason to go with them
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See permanent disability rating.
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a specific target for Government
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a signal of trust
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See "Load."
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see bond rating, credit rating, stock rating.
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See World rating