Definitions for "Hut"
households using television. the number of households in a given local market or nationally that were watching a particular television program or were watching any station during a given time period; used as a base for ratings. Also called sets in use. A Nielsen Media Research term. See ratings, persons using television (PUT) and sets-in-use.
The percentage of TV HHs viewing TV during a specific time period.
Household Using Television. Term used to represent the percentage of households with the television on at a particular time within a specified area.
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A small house, hivel, or cabin; a mean lodge or dwelling; a slightly built or temporary structure.
Brakeman's shelter just back of the coal bunkers on the tender tank of engines operating through Moffat Tunnel. May also refer to caboose, locomotive cab, switchman's shanty, or crossing watchman's shelter.
temporary military shelter
Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope, flown on the Astro-1 and Astro-2 missions of the space shuttle. Designed to measure the spectra of celestial objects in the deep ultraviolet range from 912-1800 Angstroms, especially in the rich spectral region just shortward of 1150 Angstroms where the Hubble Space Telescope's mirror coatings and detectors become ineffective.
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tramping accommodation, ranging from poky 4-6 bunk sheds to relatively palatial 40 bed houses. See A Selection of New Zealand Huts.
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A ward, guard or stance. The expression is based on the idea of the "protective vigilance" that the fencer maintains in the huten. See leger.
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from German hutte] A guttural cry traditionally uttered as the pack is hoisted from the ground. In folk medicine this is believed to be a preventative for hernia.
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Hard Upper Torso