Definitions for "TIME CODE"
Keywords:  videotape, smpte, vitc, ltc, minutes
Special information added to video tapes that allows for extremely accurate editing.
Synchronization system, like a clock recorded on your videotape, assigning corresponding hours, minutes, seconds and frame-numbers designations to each frame. Expedites indexing convenience and editing precision. (See SMPTE.)
Found on most digital video formats, it stores frame-accurate timing information on the tape.
Time data that is used when making an AW workstation operate in synchronization with a rhythm machine, sequencer program, or another recorder. The AW series can all transmit and receive MTC (*see entry).
A type of signal that contains information about location in time. Used for a synchronization reference when synchronizing two or more machines such as sequencers, drum machines, and tape decks.
Time compression/time expansion
Time Code Address Time Compression/Expansion
an electrical or digital signal that gives a common timing reference for syncing MIDI devices with other electronic devices