Definitions for "Pal"
Phase Alternation by Line. A television standard used mainly in Europe.
Phase Alternation Line. Video format used in most of Western Europe, Australia and other countries
Phase Alternation Line. Refers to the standard format of broadcast video in Europe. The US equivalent is NTSC.
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The SSCLI Platform Adaptation Layer. This layer allows calls from the SSCLI implementation to be mapped to the underlying operating system.
Privileged architecture library. PAL is part of the Alpha architecture. It is a software mechanism for performing low-level operations such as interrupt handling, TLB management, and atomic operations that were implemented on VAX as microcode. On Itanium systems, the same functionality is provided as part of the operating system. Whenever possible, the BLISS, C, and Macro compilers for OpenVMS I64 convert CALL_PAL macros to the equivalent operating system calls for backward compatibility. Not all Alpha PAL operations are implemented on I64; in some cases, programs that call PALcode directly might need to change.
Processor abstraction layer. Part of the Itanium architecture that is implemented in firmware. Provides a consistent interface for processor-specific functions such as hardware errors or system initialization. Generally speaking, SAL isolates the operating system from platform-specific implementation differences, while PAL isolates the operating system (and SAL) from processor-specific differences.
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A registered Trademark of Monolithic Memories, Inc. Program-mable Array Logic. An optimized variant of a PLA (more inputs, more outputs, or more functionality by reducing the width of the OR portion of the array). "AND" array user-programmable, "OR" array pre-programmed, groups of product terms are ORed to the y outputs according to the pre-arranged, pre-programmed pattern.
This is an Integrated Circuit (IC) with an array of interconnected logic gates. The interconnections between logic gates are removed by blowing fusible links in order to produce the required final logic.
Programmable Array Logic. Oldest practical form of programmable logic, implemented a sum-of-products plus optional output flip-flops.
Pal was the name of a famous dog, the first to portray Lassie, a famous Rough Collie. Pal was owned by animal trainers Frank and Rudd Weatherwax, and was born June 20, 1940. Pal died in 1958.
Permissive Action Link. A safety control system built into all nuclear missiles and warheads. It is impossible to launch or lock a nuclear missile without using the PAL.
Permissive Action Links. Permissive Action Links, or PALS, are systems that make it impossible to activate the weapon without proper authorization. These are electronic devices that prevent the activation or arming of the weapon unless the correct codes are inserted into it. Typically two codes should be inserted, simultaneously or close together. The codes are usually changed regularly.
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UUNET PAL is a dial-up ISP account that allows U.S. Getronics employees direct access to the Internet for the purpose of establishing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to the Getronics internal network. PAL allows business travelers and home office users, including those employees traveling in international locations, the ability to select a local phone number for connecting to the Internet. This is a more cost-effective means of providing access to Getronics resources on the internal network than Getronics owned and maintained RAS facilities. More details or call the PAL Help Desk at 1-800-231-9264.
Photocopy Authorizations License. This Copyright Clearance Center license authorizes businesses with fewer than 750 employees (excluding law firms) to photocopy, for in-house use, excerpts from (journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.) covered in Copyright Clearance Center’s repertory. Organizations pay an annual fee for the license. Effective August 1, 2004 the Photocopy Authorizations License will no longer be offered to new customers. This option will be replaced by the Annual Copyright License.
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Preventive Action Limit. The limit for the concentration of a substance in groundwater as listed in ch. NR 140, Wis. Adm. Code. The PAL serves as a cleanup goal, as a means to inform agencies of potential groundwater contamination problems, and as a basis for facility design and management criteria to minimize and prevent groundwater contamination.
work and play well together: minimal natural type conflict
PUMA Air Lock- Patented valve construction gurantees the best possible protection against air leakage.
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Pathfinder AVHRR Land program
Passive Activity Loss. A loss incurred in participating in passive investing.
Passive activity loss. Loss on an investment that is deductible only up to the limit of gains from similar investments. The limit mainly affects tax shelters and does not apply to stocks, bonds or investments in businesses in which the investor materially participates. Special rules apply to investments in real estate.
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arcel Air Lift
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see Parcel Airlift.
Paintbrush palette (filename extension).
Palette (file name extension)
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Protuberance Air Load
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Test given to measure 6th graders' reading and writing skills.
Planned Assistance Level. The dollar value of commodities a school district is entitled to receive during any given school year. It is based on the number of lunches served in the second preceding school year multiplied by the commodity rate, currently $.1475.
Peer Academic Leader, students living in the residence halls who are trained to assist residents with academic questions.
Possession and Acquisition Licence
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Person Alert List
published authors loop - an e-mail group specifically comprised of published authors. Often these groups are themed by genre or a specific publisher.
Provisional allotment letter. See Rights Issues.
Project Activity Level. An application of fire danger rating to support regulation of contractors involved in land management activities for fire prevention purposes in California.
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Procedural Maps
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Palliative Care
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Protocols for Assisted Living
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Color Palette or Compressed File
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Place; land; country.
physical activity level. total energy used for all our activities.
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Purchasing Accounting Link