Definitions for "National Television Systems Committee"
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National Television Systems Committee of Electronic Industries Association (EIA) that prepared the standard of specifications approved by the Federal Communications Commission in 1953 for commercial broadcasting. NTSC is the standard for the U.S., Canada, Japan, Central America, 1/2 of the Caribbean & 1/2 of South America.
This is the television system used in the United States and many countries on the American continent as well as some Asian countries including Japan. The picture consists of 480 lines of vertical resolution out of 525 lines (the rest are for sync and other data) and operates at 60 Hz vertical refresh rate.
Committee that defined the analog, color television, broadcast standard used today in North America. The standard TV format for North American television transmission is named after this standards committee; the format is 525 lines in a 4-MHz video bandwidth. All TV sets sold in North America are compatible.
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