Definitions for "Articles"
Whilst UK laws are made up of sections, the Convention is composed of Articles each of which contains a different basic Human Right.
Agile Warehousing, Seven Deadly Sins of Warehousing, and Third-Party Warehousing: If, When & How are a few of the titles that are included in the Articles section.
Structural Funds are governed by legally binding agreements signed up to by all Member States of the European Union. These are written agreements, and each section tends to be called an Article and has a number
Very important to marketing efforts, articles are short, newsworthy pieces usually written by a specialist. Anubis Marketing encourages everyone to provide articles of valuable information on their web sites, and to do so on a fairly regular basis. blog / blogging / blogger: A weblog, or "blog" is a sort of online journal used by many to compose, organize, and share information, opinions, articles, or ideas with viewers on the world wide web. The act of doing so is called "blogging" and the person owning or writing the blog is a "blogger". Blogging has increased exponentially in popularity over the past year or so, and is viewed by most as a highly efficient tool for marketing. You can view Anubis Marketing's blog here.
Articles are the basis of a blog. You can post your thoughts, information about projects links to interesting web sites, or anything else you are interested in.
See Journal articles.
This is the 'internal' section of the Memorandum & Articles of Association. The articles set out the procedures and regulations covering how the company is to be run (i.e. meetings, appointments & removal of officers and shares). The 'Articles of Association' are based on 'Table A', which may be used in its entirety or with clauses removed or added. The Articles are sent to Companies House on incorporation and may be adjusted by Special Resolution.
the set of rules and regulations to which all members of a society agreed. The modification (or modernisation) of articles was a big step, subject to extended debate and ratification by the entire membership. 'Interjunctions', dispensation, and 'bond of union' are also terms that were used.
The clauses in a document. A company's articles set out its rules. The articles form part of the memorandum and articles of association.
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This is a contract that pirates signed when they joined a ship's crew. It told what the rules were and how the profit from treasure would be shared.
A paper that all the members of the crew of a ship signs to say what their position aboard will be. In modern terminology, perhaps, a contract of employment or intent.
Signed documents indicating a crew member's responsibilities, duties, rank and/or position on board a ship.
Determiners; words in a grammatical class of noun modifiers that are not adjectives, such as the, a, an.
The English language articles "a," "an," and "the," should not be used if they come at the beginning of a title. If they are after a word they are important but they should be skipped when they come first.
a word that specifies whether a noun is definite or indefinite
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Défini le - la - l' - les
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birds .: cats :. dog .: exotic :. fish .: goat :. horse .: llama :. rabbit .: reptile :. from: Marine and Freshwater Aquarium Glossary of Terms
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a shame, but thems the breaks
The predecessor to the training contract.
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Digital Living - Your Guide to the World of Tomorrow
of Confederation -- The first constitution of the 13 American states, adopted in 1781 and later replaced in 1789 by the Constitution of the United States.
In reinsurance, the standard provisions found in many reinsurance treaties. TO TOP
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See Appendix A.
Articles about the organisation or related news. May include user submitted articles.
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Those items specified and covered under the Act
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