Definitions for "weblog "
Weblog is a parsing system for the log data which is generated by the Apache module mod_log_mysql. It generates detailed statistical data from the raw log, including resolving of hostnames. The statistical data is written to a relational database, making almost realtime custom-formatted dynamic statistics possible, using something like PHP or Zope.
An online journal of topics of interest to the writer. Each posting can have a persistent Web address called a permalink to allow others to point to it and also allows readers to add comments. Return
An online publication of a personal thoughts, usually organized by reverse chronological order.
a collection of discrete, dated entries that are organized sequentially in time and published to
a generic name for a powerful yet easy way of publishing interactive content online
a great source for what's new and the narrative thread that got us there -- a simply powerful tool for communication and publishing
a perfect opportunity to embarrass yourself, whether intentionally or not
a place to share cool stuff you found in yourself or on the Web with other people, and then strangely, also with yourself months later
a way to express yourself in a way you couldn't do face-to-face
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a dynamic PDA information center featuring Quick Links to handheld device hardware, medical software and general medical PDA information
a perfect fit for my schedule as a daddy, since I'm free to cover a wide range of topics (mobile computing, PDAs, design, Macs, travel, music, film and more) and can post quick tidbits when I have a free moment
an alternative form of media that is taking the place of radio and newspapers
a new tool to facilitate the transactions between peoples and/or organisations but it does not mean we do not need anymore journalist, corporate comms mgrs, printed newspapers,
a chronicle of development
an archival chronicle of development
a brief unit on wikis in "writing for the corporate model
a collection of wiki pages, so you can create feeds for specific groups, projects and collections
a great way to stimulate students to react to the topics we deal with in the course, and they appreciate the opportunity to write (and not just learn Web design, HTML, and Photoshop)
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Whiteboard W3C
a clickable thing
a fairly prosaic thing
a great thing to look back on a year that has passed
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a kind of continual tour, with a human guide who you get to know
a tour of the Net guided by a pilot you will come to know over time
a coffeehouse conversation in text, with references as required
a constant invitation for conversation - directly and indirectly
a two-way conversation, not a top-down communication medium
a seductive medium not just because of this premise of allowing you to perceive and form your own ego via user interaction, but also because it remains strictly in the realm of ideal, as opposed to material
Keywords:  wacky, taboo, discuss, porn, subject
a wacky place where I can take a taboo subject like porn and discuss it
a hypertext snapshot depicting the viral surfing patterns of an individual web user
a portal to the life of an individual or group
a web page written by individuals or a group of individuals with no or very little start up costs that is accessable to anyone with internet access
a great tool for students to organize their work and to reflect on their progress
an excellent tool to consider for improving and making easier this kind of service
a tool for giving the individual student a foothold in the public world
a collection of short paragraphs, with new material added at the top of the page (several times a week or several times a day)
a glorified links page
a links page masquerading as a home page
a collection of content items mostly grouped by date and time
a collection of random disparate elements that most often serves as a very distorted mirror for both the it's creator and it's viewers
a medium which allows for the digital storage of those bits and pieces, but can also give immediate (and interactive) access to an intended audience
an easy way to reach your most dedicated audience fast
an omelette of technologies specifically tailored to how you, the user, want it
a publication, without doubt, but it's not akin to a magazine or periodical
Keywords:  forum, ideal, club, class, members
an ideal forum for your club or class to manage its activities and members
a public forum
a contemporary form of communication, just like your mobile, email or instant messenger
Keywords:  obvious, example
an obvious example
a place for strong opinions, whether about technology,music,gardening or your profession
Keywords:  subset, cms, applications
a subset of CMS applications
Keywords:  slice, life
a slice of life
an extremely interesting phenomenon
Keywords:  native, story, telling, unique, net
a unique form of story telling that's native to the Net
a a shared, personal space
a form of mediated personality
a representation of a person
Keywords:  clipping, service
a clipping service
Keywords:  essential, item
an essential item
Keywords:  site, commercial, series, non, items
a personal, non-commercial web site in
a Web site organized as a series of dated items
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Detailed description
a monitored two-way communication device
a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles
Keywords:  something, involved, new, place
a place to be involved in something new
an informal and interactive means of communication through the web