Definitions for "Web Portal"
a site designed to act as an access point to content on the Internet (p. 121)
An Internet gateway providing customers with access to online news and information, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
an entry point to a set of resources that an enterprise wants to
The WebPortal is simply Content Manager and Editorial System for small pages form czech republic.
a content management system to organize the layout of web content
a web page designed to allow different users to tailor and to aggregate content according to individual preference
an organized way to integrate the enormous amount of daily information into a single integrated web-based environment
a key focal point for users when they connect to the Internet
a platform for information presentation and information exchange over the Internet in a community of interest
a central place for making all types of information accessible to a variety of audiences
an application that aggregates multiple Web applications on a single Web page
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a type of Website