Definitions for "Directories"
A website that features gathered and categorized information on other websites on the net. Sort of like a search engine but not quite the same, because it only "bookmarks" sites. Also, the sites are hand picked, so only the best of them get to be listed.
A website that list other websites in their various categories by location, industry or specialization. They dont utilize spiders to index Web sites. They often involve an editorial review by a human editor who will visit your Web site after you submit to the directory. For example: DMOZ
I define Internet finding aids that are arranged by subject and include only selected sites as directories. While they often do have keyword searching, all entries are listed under one or more subject headings.
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Old terminology for a location where you store files and other directories. Currently we refer to these areas as folder(s).
Tables that contain file information such as name, file, size, time and date of last modification.
A directory is a place to store folders on a computer. For instance, you could have a directory called "teaching" that contains individual file folders filled with information about each class that you teach. Directories contain folders (or subdirectories), and folders contain files.
(96) - indicates names and addresses of various persons, agencies, schools, and other institutions. For discussions about directories, see CINAHL subject heading: INFORMATION RESOURCES.
Directories hold the key information needed for authentication and authorisation to work, and can be managed using a central (run by the access management provider) or distributed (run by individual institutions) system. A directory is formed of a schema or data model (which defines the relationship of fields), a namespace (which defines the names of the fields), and attributes (the contents of the fields).
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Online resources that provide contact details and other information about archival related organisations or individuals
collections of information on a specific topic.
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ways to keep files organized on a computer