Definitions for "Webcrawler"
Metasearch engine powered by InfoSpace.
A search engine that searches the Web by document title and content, archiving the information for searching purposes.
A tool for searching WWW sites for any documents containing the user-supplied search string.
See spider.
A piece of software (also called a spider) designed to follow hyperlinks to their completion and return internet addresses passed.
Same as Spider. DOMAIN, TOP LEVEL DOMAIN (TLD) Hierarchical scheme for indicating logical and sometimes geographical venue of a web-page from the network. In the US, common domains are .edu (education), .gov (government agency), .net (network related), .com (commercial), .org (nonprofit and research organizations). Outside the US, domains indicate country: ca (Canada), uk (United Kingdom), au (Australia), jp (Japan), fr (France), etc. Neither of these lists is exhaustive. See also DNS entry.