Definitions for "Institutions"
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A human services technical term describing residences that house 16 or more individuals and provide social services to them
ETSS St. James' House St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital St. Vincent's House El Buen Samaritano Ubi Caritas COTS Camp Allen
established laws, practices and customs within a society AND those organizations withing a society that act to mould us into individuals
any formalised structure of society
Refers to the structural components of a society through which its main concerns and activities are organised, for example, the church, the law, government, family.
Organizational arrangements and the legal and regulatory framework - the 'enabling environment' - in which organizations operate. More broadly, institutions include entities, processes and linkages between individual entities.
Organizational arrangements and practices through which collective actions are taken (e.g. business, courts, government, religious communities, schools, police, and unions).
Fairly stable social arrangements through which collective actions are taken (e.g., government, business, unions, schools, churches, courts, police).
residential facilities where groups of people live, such as nursing homes, correctional facilities, or homeless shelters, as well as out-patient facilities, such as drug treatment centers or health department clinics
In this Decree means the following: The Catholic Center, Cliffview Retreat Center, and the Calvary Cemetery.
Institutions are residential facilities designed to house and care for individuals with mental disabilities.
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Institutional investors include pension funds, unit trusts and insurance companies. These are the big players in the stock market as they have a lot of money to invest and as major shareholders they often have a say in company decisions. See Financial Services Industry.
These are the large scale investors such as Banks, Insurance companies and unit trust companies.
These are organisations which are in the business of holding assets, such as, pension funds, unit trusts and insurance companies.
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Instruments and Supplies Math
Group quarters for persons under care or custody. (U.S. Census Definition)
A general term for Education Institutions, which may include Universities, Higher Education Colleges and Further Education Colleges.