Definitions for "Social justice"
The belief that every individual and group is entitled to fair and equal rights and participation in social, educational, and economic opportunities. The agenda for increasing understanding of oppression and inequality and taking action to overcome them. Museums can, and do, make an important contribution to social justice. SMC's publication Museums and Social Justice encourages everyone working in the museum sector to tackle inequalities and disadvantage.
Decency of labor, fair pay, honest treatment in the workplace, freedom from oppression of working people by the rich and genuine opportunity for advancement. Prosperity for those who honestly work, with improved conditions and freedom from drudgery.
redressing the situation whereby people with fewer choices (the poor and disadvantaged) often suffer most from discrimination (e.g. race, religion, gender, culture, ability, age) and a lack of acknowledgement of their human rights, access to services (e.g. health, educational) and infrastructure (e.g. water, energy, housing)
the act of making decisions that have just and equitablesocial consequences